Favourite Borat Moments

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In an effort to establish what fans think is the funniest Borat moment the Unofficial Borat Homepage is asking for votes by email.


Click below on your favourite Borat moment. If it is not included below then simply click here and inform us of your particular favourite bit of genius.


1. Borat informing Lady Chelsea's other dinner party guests what he did last night.

Borat - Last night I have sex

2. Borat asking the huntsman if he has 'big bollocks'.

Borat - You have big bollocks?

Huntsman - I shouldn't think so. Not now.

Borat - Can I touch them?

Huntsman - No.

3. Borat explaining to the hunt protestors why he kills animals

Borat - We love animal too.

Protestor 1 - So why do you shoot them?

Borat - For fun.

4. The Cambridge University student cutting short the interview after Borat asks him if there will be prostitutes at the Cambridge Ball.

Student - I am sorry you are going to have to cut that off. That's an inappropriate question. There will be no such thing! This is a serious university and there is not going to be any prostitution that you have just mentioned. That would be inappropriate.

5. Borat is asked to give the lady from the flirting academy a compliment

Borat - Errrrrr... You have nice tits!

6. Borat demostrating slapstick comedy by slapping a ginger student around the head three times.

Borat - So you can come up and do a hit... I can hit? (Borat gestures to Performer 5. He is a shy ginger student who hasn't spoken yet)

7. Borat kissing all of the young men in the Henley rowing crew. And then refusing to kiss the female cox and instead stiffly shaking her hand.

8. A confused Borat asking why he can't 'do a dirt' in the urinals of the Bowls Club

Borat - And do you do a dirt in here?

Man - No! You'd be thrown out the club if you did.

9. Borat trying to sell nuclear weapons to a peace campaigner

Gentleman - Well... errr... I don't think England would buy nuclear... Kazakhstan does not have nuclear weapons does it?

(Borat looks to the camera quite seriously)

Borat - Please stop the interview here.

10. Borat introducing his family and discovering his little brother has grown a moustache.

Borat - Where is Villo? Hey Vilo! (Borat hugs him and then breaks off and looks closely at Villo's upper lip). He has grown a moustache. Since I last came he has now moustache!


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