The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Borat in Germany - TV Total

German BoratOnline fan Jakob reports...

hy, i am from germany, and borat was yesterday on German television the show is called TV TOTAL just wanted to send you some nice pics,


he kissed him in the chrum hehe.... oh, the little package with the red ribbon was a gift to the show master (stefan raab), it was pube hair (hope it is right....you know what I mean, the hair near the balls ;) ) he said "you can use it for cleaning your porcelain...or fill it in children's gloves for the winter" hope you like it, nice site....keep going with it djenkuje !

...and many thanks again to Jakob - especially for doing a better job than any I know of writing like Borat speaks in an email.

Borat does a Fonzy impression


Borat hands over his present of fresh pubic hair


You have a big hram? I do a kiss?

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