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Mrs Peta HeskellPeta Heskell was the lady who Borat chatted to about flirting in the Guide To English Gentlemen Episode.

Peta happened to bump into Sacha at a recent award ceremony in London, this is her story,

"Comedy awards night. All the celebs were out in full force but no Ali G. Everyone thought he wasn't going to be there. As I waited for my friend outside the ladies, I suddenly spotted the familiar Borat figure, without moustache. Sacha had come incognito as himself! I tapped him on the shoulder and said to him 'Do you remember me, you Ali Geed me last year and I'm on your video'.

My little encounter with Borat didn't raise much of a laugh, except for the bit where he said I had nice tits aPetand I told him I thought it was because I wasn't so naive. He laughed and said that if I'd been more gullible and been shocked by it all, it would have made a better piece. When I looked at the bowls club scene on the video where a completely unhumorous man spent ages explaining to Borat how a urinal was used for a wee and the cubicle for 'number twos' I realised what the ingredients of a good subject were and I didn't have them. Sacha was wearing a very smart suit and looked remarkably like Borat. My friend thinks he's dishy like that, but I think I prefer the way he looks as Ali G. Sorry Sacha, just my taste!!! After that short interchange, a rather squat tough looking anonymous faced guy grabbed Sacha by the arm and said 'come on let's go'. I assume he was some kind of minder. So I followed them down the corridor and we all left the building. I think I was the only person to recognise him.

I put my dull 'performance' from a comedy point of view down to the fact that, like Peter Stringfellow, I cannot help laughing when people behave ridiculously or outrageously. Perhaps it's because I spent most of my childhood making anonymous phone calls to strangers and taking them for ridiculous rides in much the same way Ali does with his straight, unsuspecting victims. And I'm glad about that....

Did you notice on the video how when I asked for a compliment my hands were cupped and moving back and forth in front of my tits... perhaps I was unconsciously asking for that kind of compliment!!! And thank you Borat, my boyfriend thinks I have great tits too!!!

Peta Heskell,
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