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1 December 2006

Borat's song about throwing the Jew down the well voted most memorable moment

Borat singing a song about throwing Jews down a well has been voted the most memorable moment ever by fans of the satirical Kazakh journalist invented and portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

In an online poll, hosted by the original and biggest Borat fan site boratonline.co.uk, 24% of participants voted this moment the most memorable. The site received over 100,000 unique visits a day during November with 2,000 fans voting for their favourite moment.

In the scene, Borat enters a bar in Texas and starts playing a country song initially about transport problems in Kazakhstan. Before long the majority of the bar are singing along to the chorus "Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free. You must grab him by the horns, and then we'll have a big party".

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine Sacha Baron Cohen discussed Borat's anti-Semitism, "Borat essentially works as a tool, by himself being anti-Semitic, he lets people lower their guard and expose their own prejudice, whether it's anti-Semitism or an acceptance of anti-Semitism".

The top 5 most memorable Borat moments, according to the fans, are:

  1. Singing "Throw the Jew down the well" (24%)
  2. Getting drunk on wine then showing Polaroids of his sister (18%)
  3. Revealing to animal rights campaigners that he kills bears "for fun" (5%)
  4. Singing the national anthem of Kazakhstan before a baseball game (5%)
  5. Showing Polaroids of his wife to members of the public at a rodeo (5%)

Notes to editors

  • boratonline.co.uk is the original and biggest Borat fan site set up in 2000 and receiving over 100,000 unique visits a day through November 2006. Highlights of the site include a number of behind the scenes interviews with Borat's victims, an interview with Borat producer Dan Mazer and reviews of the London Premiere and after show party.
  • Borat, a satirical Kazakh journalist caricature invented and portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, became a phenomenon in the UK with the comedy series "Da Ali G Show," in which Baron Cohen's outlandish humour and razor-sharp satire on anti-Semitism, misogyny and racism, came to life through his creation's bizarre behaviour and interviews.
    The online poll ran throughout November to coincide with the release of the Borat Movie "Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan".
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