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Latest news - Gerald Seymour's new novel Rat Run has now been released.

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This site is dedicated to the internationally acclaimed, best selling author Gerald Seymour.

Once a reporter for Independent Television News, Gerald Seymour has lived in the West Country for several years. His best selling novels include, among others, Harry's Game, The Glory Boys, Field of Blood, Killing Ground, A Line in the Sand, Holding the Zero, The Untouchable and Traitor's Kiss.

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Harry's Game
The first Gerald Seymour
book and all time classic
The Journeyman Tailor
The webmaster's favourite
Gerald Seymour book
The Unknown Soldier
The latest book out
now in paperback

This site contains a number of interviews that Gerald Seymour has done with the likes of The Telegraph and The Guardian. Click here for the interviews.

Whilst working for ITN Mr Seymour covered the 1972 Munich Olympics. He contributed to the documentary One Day In September. This is an award winning book and DVD covering the Munich Massacre.

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